All about Princess Diana’s Engagement Ring

For a long time, Princess Diana’s engagement ring, which is studded with blue sapphire, has been a hot topic for discussion both at home and abroad. It has been the center of attention ever since the time she adorned it on her finger. She continued wearing it throughout her life and valued it as a priceless accessory among her top royal jewels.


Though controversial for family reasons, it continues to be under the spotlight even after Princess Diana’s demise. Read on to know more about it and lab-grown sapphire stones.


Princess Diana’s Engagement Ring – the Pick of the Bunch of Princess Diana’s Royal Jewelry 

Princess Diana’s ring is controversial for a compelling reason. As showcased on a popular show, The Crown, it was available for commoners. The members of the royal family consider only those jewelry items that are available for a selected group of people. So, they were not in agreement with Princess Diana’s idea of buying the ring.


Another reason why the royal family didn’t like it was due to their belief that it didn’t have anything special. Princess Diana’s family members, including Prince Charles, believed that the design of the ring was simplistic. It turned out that the creation of the ring was too simplistic for their liking.

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However, Princess Diana liked the ring for its design and the striking blue sapphire. Perhaps she was fond of this gemstone and its white gold. The jeweler who designed the ring got its inspiration from a wedding gift presented to Queen Victoria by Prince Albert. The latter presented it to the former at her wedding in 1840.


Princess Diana was fond of her engagement ring. This is evident from the fact that she continued wearing it for the rest of her life. Given the popularity of the ring, many jewelers made other rings by drawing their inspiration from it.


The blue sapphire of Diana’s engagement ring is compatible with Princess Diana’s preferences

To a large extent, Princess Diana’s engagement ring resembled that of her mother. Some people consider it to be the primary reason for her choice of the ring. But practically, she may have chosen it for her fondness for the blue color.

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Many instances in Princess Diana’s life indicate that she preferred blue. For instance, she put on a bright blue skirt while making it public that she was engaged to Prince Charles. After officially becoming the Princess of Wales, Princess Diana started attending events in her deep blue gowns. Oftentimes, she was spotted pairing her blue and pearl sapphire choker with her looks. The latter was primarily a brooch that was given to her by Lady Elizabeth. Also, she preferred wearing electrifying blue eyeliner to attract the attention of others to her eye.


When you add up all these facts, it stands out that Princess Diana was deeply inclined toward blue and items made of this color. From her apparel to eyeliner and jewelry, she preferred buying and using items made of this color. Because the color of the sapphire stone is blue, she might have chosen the ring because of the color of the sapphire stone.

Princess Diana’s engagement ring symbolized her independence

Princess Diana kept wearing the ring on her finger throughout her life, even after her divorce. It is against the norms that most divorced women follow. Generally, after a separation from their spouse, most divorcees take off their engagement or wedding rings. But by choosing to wear her engagement ring following her divorce from Prince Charles, Princess Diana bucked conventions.


Princess Diana defied convention throughout her life. From her outfit to her nail polish and jewelry, she was a free bird who liked choosing things based on her preferences. She would choose and do most of the things without weighing them in terms of royal protocol.


Her engagement ring, which symbolized her defiance of royal protocols, represented her independent way of thinking. Despite her failed marriage, she was a princess on her own. As a person with an independent mind, she believed in walking her path. One of the reasons why she may not have chosen to remove the ring from her finger could be to define her personality, characterized by her independent way of thinking.


Want the Uncompromised Sparkle of Natural Sapphire Stones within Your Budget? Invest in Lab-Grown Sapphire Stones

No doubt, the sapphire stone of Diana’s engagement ring is the core feature that draws the attention of people towards it. However, it is expensive and may seem to cost a fortune if you have a reasonable budget. Sapphires, in general, are available in the market at a high price. For commoners, it makes sense to invest in a lab-grown sapphire. 

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Though cheaper than natural sapphires, the blue gemstones grown in labs provide the same sparkle as the ones that occur naturally. The latter has a uniform appearance and will save you at least 10% of the amount of money that you would need to spend on buying the former.


Lab-grown blue gemstones (sapphires) have an edge over the natural ones on one count. The former possesses a higher degree of clarity than the latter and sports a flawless charm in comparison to the latter. Besides, they also have a flawless sparkle and charm, due to which it can be next to impossible to differentiate between a natural sapphire and its synthetic version.


Final thoughts

Notwithstanding many interesting facts about Diana’s engagement ring, it aroused interest in natural sapphire stones among many people. It stimulates interest among jewelry buyers and enthusiasts even today. That said, natural sapphire stone can be expensive. If you want to own a high-quality sapphire stone within a limited budget, you can consider investing in a lab-grown sapphire.

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