Aquamarine Tiaras Of The Royals And How To Get Yours?

Aquamarine, “aqua” means water, and “marine” means sea. It has a hexagonal shape. It’s a semi-precious stone. Minas Gerais in Brazil has abundant aquamarine gemstones available. It is a March birthstone. Mostly, it is used as a center stone of jewelry. The Mohs Hardness Scale is 7.5 to 8. Brazil is the largest producer of aquamarine stones. Pakistan, Tanzania, Kenya, and Afghanistan are also important countries that produce aquamarine stones. Various shapes of aquamarine have been discovered other than the typical hexagonal shape. It also had an alternate name called the Sea Green Beryl.

Generous quality stone 

It’s considered a sacred stone. It’s also called the Sailor’s gem and it has the effect of chatoyant. The transparent variety of aquamarines is used as faceted gemstones. Its flat symmetry and light reflecting properties help to increase the shine of the jewelry. It has always been used by poets for its bluish charm. The blue color is due to the iron present. Heat-treated ferric iron gets converted to ferrous iron and increases the intensity of the blue color and the clarity of the gem. It does not get affected by light exposure although it might suffer discoloration if it is kept in a hot place for too long. Scratches may form if kept in direct contact with other hard gemstones. It is the official stone of Colorado. The famous aquamarine, The Dom Pedro is the largest cut aquamarine in the world. 

History related to Aquamarine tiaras 

It was found in Minas Gerais in 1980. Roosevelt aquamarine was the 2nd largest cut aquamarine, it had the title of being the first. It was gifted to Eleanor Roosevelt. It was then donated to the Presidential Library in 1947. Many Jewels have symbols and meanings, and aquamarine is a symbol of everlasting youth and happiness. Aquamarine always plays a part as the blue beauty in Royal Tiaras. 

Aquamarine Pine flower Tiara, Meghan Markle’s aquamarine ring. During Queen Elizabeth’s coronation, she received an aquamarine from the Brazilian President in 1953. The shapes of the jewels were of different sizes, the stones were not of the same sizes, and they were rectangular. It has a detachable pendant. The term “Parure” means a set and in the year 1958, a bracelet and a brooch were added to the Aquamarine Parure. 

The center gem was replaced with an even bigger aquamarine. There are a variety of aquamarine tiaras that have been used by the Royals. For e.g the Swedish Aquamarine Kokoshnik, the Small Brazilian Aquamarine Tiara, and Dutch Aquamarine Tiara.

Aquamarine Ribbon Tiara has 5 aquamarine gems. Swedish Princess Margaretha Tiara is a combination of diamond and brooch. It has 5 large aquamarines, all coated with diamonds. 

Swedish Aquamarine Tiara is a combination of 5 aquamarines, coated with diamonds, gold, and platinum. The central stone is the largest. Luxembourg Aquamarine Bandeau uses large aquamarine stones. Queen Victoria Eugenia’s Aquamarine Tiara has 7 aquamarine stones inside the diamond loops. 

Princess Diana was one such princess who had a good collection of aquamarine jewelry. For e.g, her cocktail rings and her bracelets.

aquamarine gemstone tiara

Margaret of Connaught owned Swedish Aquamarine Kokoshnik Tiara. Then after her death, it was passed down to Prince Gustaf Adolf, his eldest son. Then after his death, it was passed on to his wife, Princess Sibylla. After her death, the Tiara was passed down to Princess Margaretha, her eldest child. Then passed down to daughter Baroness Sibylla Von Dincklage on her wedding day. Princess Margaretha used this Tiara for the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria in 1998.

In 2014, Margaretha’s sister-Princess Christina wore this to a Royal dinner in Stockholm. And in 2015, Princess Madeleine wore this tiara for the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony.

Moissanite gemstone: It is made from silicon carbide. It’s used as a good alternative for a diamond. On the Mohs hardness scale, it ranks between 9.25- 9.5. The difference cannot be seen through the naked eye and it’s also very hard to tell apart because of the properties and appearance. It’s an irony that the quality of the moissanite gemstone is almost similar to a diamond but it has a very cheap price because people prefer a diamond more. The lower price of moissanite is an advantage as you get one of the highest qualities at a cheaper rate.

Specification of Aquamarine tiara

Sophie, Countess of Wessex Aquamarine Tiara, could be converted into a necklace as well as a tiara. It has one central aquamarine stone and is made of 7 aquamarine stones. It was a gift from Queen Juliana, Netherlands. The color combinations are always perfect. It goes along in a variety of colors pink, grey, and yellow. Dark light shades of aquamarine go along with gold or silver. Dark shades of aquamarine go along with the yellow color. Darker shades of blue are rarer and costlier. Tiaras of the Royals are made with a variety of stones and aquamarine is one of them. There are a lot of spiritual meanings behind this stone. It balances the throat chakra, is used for energy healing, calms down the mind, provides a lot of mental clarity and it’s also a symbol of courage.

Natural aquamarines have a paler shade. Heating brings out the pure bluish color. Every type of aquamarine cannot be heated with heat, some might break. Even after heating, there might be some portion that remains green. They may never change. The saturation does not change. Aquamarine mining is done by hand. Chisels and jackhammers are used. Aquamarines are formed through magma frame crystallization. Different gemstones are made of different structures. There are impurities trapped in it. Different impurities absorb light at very different wavelengths. This is how gemstones are formed. Aquamarine is composed of aluminum, oxygen and silica, and beryllium. The formation happens when the magma cools down. Aquamarine needs a longer duration of time for crystallization and is formed in metamorphic rocks. 


One of the most preferred ways of identifying an aquamarine stone is by looking at the color. It’s very hard so look out for any scratches if it is scratched then it’s probably fake. Pricing, treatment methods. You should consider everything before planning to buy it. It is not as costly as precious stones like the emerald but it’s more expensive than the topaz.

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