Are Tiaras Only Meant For Royals?

With the overwhelming alternatives available in the market in the name of bridal hair accessories, tiaras get all the strawberries and cream to stand out as a stunning hair accessory that plasters a royal significance. They are whimsical headpieces with classical antiquity used for crowning the head. They are made of precious gemstones and treasured possessions that were mainly used by the royals to grace their weddings.

But are tiaras only meant for the royals? Many people have this myth in mind. But to clear the air, let us tell you that even though tiaras hold a special significance in marking the nuptials of royal weddings, they can also be worn by the commoners. Tiaras are an elegant accessory that can easily go with any bridal attire and upscale the overall looks of a bride. Read on to know more: 

History of Tiaras

Tiaras are known to originate in the 18th century and have been in trend since ancient times. It is one of the archaic known head adornment pieces for women that were considered a valuable and prestigious asset. Tiaras were once worn only by the royals, nobles, and top-class echelons on their wedding day, but this is no more a rule in these modern times.

Today, you can easily spot celebrities and commoners donning this regal headpiece not just on their wedding day but even when they wish to head out for occasions where they feel the need to dress to impress. Also, tiaras are trending as bridal head adornment, which can be easily styled on any bride for a quintessential wedding. They fuse glamor to even a simple wedding dress besides adding a romantic charm and mystique to the wedding.

Significance of tiaras

Going by the ancient tradition, tiaras were treated as a sign of losing innocence to the crowning of love on the occasion of marriage. They also stand as a symbol of status and wealth that upgrades the bridal look. Also, there has been news that tiaras could only be used by married women or brides on their wedding day though this has turned out to be a yesteryear story and is no more followed in today’s time. 

Should you buy a tiara for your would-be?

When it comes to buying engagement staples, an engagement ring is the first thing that comes to your mind. But why not try something different? What about gifting a tiara to make your better half feel like the queen of your life? Every bride deserves to be treated as a princess, and a tiara can work out the magic in all the right ways to make your partner feel like a real queen.

So, don’t spend a fortune on an engagement ring; buy a tiara instead for the queen of your life. These sparkly jewels can very well highlight the details of the wedding dress and embrace the hairstyle of the bride in a royal style to let them experience the feeling of being honored and privileged.

Reasons why you should wear a tiara on your wedding day

Tiaras are distinctive headgear that can infuse a regal undertone to the entire wedding attire. Tiaras are not just for quirky wedding themes but can also go well for traditional weddings too. It is a hair accessory that is a perfect fit for a bridal ensemble. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t skip wearing a tiara on your big day:

  • Wearing a tiara is like a dream come true for many brides. So, why not wear it on your big day and get your vision to transform into a reality?
  • Tiaras add a pinch of sparkle and royal appeal to your entire bridal look. For ages, tiaras have been known as a royal accessory, and wearing them on your wedding day makes you feel no less than a princess when all eyes are eager to see the bride.
  • Tiaras also come into best use when you plan to host a theme wedding that primarily revolves around princesses and royals. For such weddings, a tiara serves to be the main highlight that lets you venture inside the regal wedding theme with full flair.
  • Tiaras are also loved by the grooms when they find a tiara adorning the head of their would-be wife. So, do you wish to leave your prince charming spellbound on your wedding day? Wear a tiara and see the magic yourself.
  • Just because you plan to have a cozy wedding, it doesn’t mean that you cannot style it up into a regal territory. Tiaras add class and have the power to transform even a simple wedding into a lavish one. Wear a tiara and see the spellwork.

Where to buy a tiara at the best price?

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