Celebrity Engagement Rings: Who's Wearing Moissanite?

When it comes to celebrity engagements, we often think of stunning diamond rings that are larger than life. But there’s a sparkling secret that some of your favorite celebrities have been embracing – moissanite. These dazzling gemstones are known for their brilliance and eco-friendly nature, making them the perfect choice for Hollywood stars looking to stand out both on and off the red carpet. Let’s take a closer look at some of the celebrities who’ve chosen moissanite for their engagement rings.
Elly Collins Moissanite Engagement Ring PLRL Jewelers and Daughters
Lily Collins Moissanite Engagement Ring

1. Lily Collins

Actress Lily Collins, known for her roles in movies like “Emily in Paris” and “The Mortal Instruments,” received a unique rose-cut moissanite engagement ring from her fiancé, director Charlie McDowell. The vintage-inspired piece has a timeless charm that matches her elegant style.

Keira Knightley Ring PLRL Jewelers and Daughters
Keira Knightley's Ring

2. Keira Knightley

British actress Keira Knightley turned heads when she opted for a classic solitaire moissanite engagement ring. Known for her environmental activism, Keira’s choice of moissanite aligns perfectly with her commitment to sustainability.

Elizabeth Olsen Ring PLRL Jewelers and Daughters
Elizabeth Olsen's Ring

3. Elizabeth Olsen
“Scarlet Witch” actress Elizabeth Olsen chose an oval-cut moissanite ring surrounded by diamonds for her engagement to musician Robbie Arnett. This beautiful blend of moissanite and diamonds creates a stunning and unique look.

Jenna Johnson Ring PLRL Jewelers and Daughters
Jenna Johnson's Ring

4. Jenna Johnson

“Dancing with the Stars” pro Jenna Johnson received a radiant-cut moissanite engagement ring from her fellow dancer and now-husband, Val Chmerkovskiy. Jenna’s ring is a perfect example of moissanite’s fiery brilliance that can compete with any diamond.

Nikki Reed Ring PLRL Jewelers and Daughters
Nikki Reed's Ring

5. Nikki Reed

Actress and environmentalist Nikki Reed, known for her role in the “Twilight” series, has always been passionate about sustainable living. Her moissanite engagement ring from actor Ian Somerhalder perfectly aligns with her values.

Miranda Kerr's Ring PLRL Jewelers and Daughters
Miranda Kerr's Ring

6. Miranda Kerr

Supermodel and businesswoman Miranda Kerr received an impressive three-stone moissanite engagement ring from Snapchat co-founder Evan Spiegel. The ring features a center stone surrounded by two diamonds, creating a dazzling contrast.

Margot Robbie Ring PLRL Jewelers and Daughters
Margot Robbie's Engagement Ring

7. Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie, known for her roles in “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “Birds of Prey,” chose a stunning pear-shaped moissanite engagement ring. The unique shape adds a touch of personality to her ring.

Alison Brie's Ring PLRL Jewelers and Daughters
Alison Brie's Ring

8. Alison Brie

Alison Brie, star of “Community” and “GLOW,” said yes to actor Dave Franco’s proposal with a stunning rose-cut moissanite engagement ring. The vintage design perfectly complements Alison’s style.

Lily James's Ring PLRL Jewelers and Daughters
Lily James's Ring

9. Lily James

Actress Lily James, famous for her roles in “Cinderella” and “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again,” received an exquisite cushion-cut moissanite engagement ring. The ring is a true testament to the unique beauty of moissanite.

Melanie Lynskey's Ring PLRL Jewelers and Daughters
Melanie Lynskey's Ring

10. Melanie Lynskey

Kiwi actress Melanie Lynskey, known for her roles in “Two and a Half Men” and “Castle Rock,” embraced a non-traditional marquise-cut moissanite engagement ring. It’s a distinct choice that reflects her individuality.

Why Moissanite?

So, why are these celebrities choosing moissanite for their engagement rings? There are several reasons:
• Affordability
: Moissanite is a fraction of the cost of diamonds, allowing for more elaborate designs or the option to allocate funds to other aspects of the engagement.
Ethical and Sustainable: Moissanite is a lab-grown gemstone, making it an environmentally friendly and conflict-free alternative to mined diamonds.
• Brilliance
: Moissanite’s fiery brilliance and sparkle make it visually indistinguishable from diamonds, even to the most discerning eye.
• Customization: Celebrities can work with jewelers to create one-of-a-kind designs, ensuring their rings are unique and meaningful.

In conclusion, moissanite engagement rings are gaining popularity among celebrities who appreciate their beauty, sustainability, and unique qualities. It’s not just about the bling; it’s about making a statement and aligning with values. So, if you’re considering an engagement ring that combines affordability, ethical sourcing, and undeniable brilliance, take a cue from these trendsetting celebrities and consider moissanite for your own unforgettable moment. Who knows, you might just start a trend of your own!

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