Should I go for a moissanite engagement ring or diamond solitaire ring?

It really depends upon your budget.  You can compare the prices and then take an appropriate decision for youself.

Some characteristics that distinguish Moissanite from Diamond is its double-refraction due to which they tend to sparkle more as compared to diamonds. However, moissanite is a gemstone in its own right. You can read more about moissanite gemstone by clicking here.

Should I go for Lab-grown or Natural diamond?

It is completely personal choice. However, you can base your choice on certain reasons. Such as Lab-grown diamonds are completely conflict-free and do not cause harm to environment through mining, which is a major deciding factor if you want your diamond ring to be completely environment friendly. You can read more about Lab-grown diamonds here.

Can my family and friends tell difference between Lab-grown and Natural diamonds?

No one can tell whether a diamond is lab-grown or natural just by looking at it. Sophisticated lab equipments is required to know about the origin of a diamond.

Why don't you deal in H color and other lower color diamonds?

We are committed to provide high-quality lab grown diamonds to our customers, therefore, we deal in G color and above diamonds. 

How can I, as a customer, be assured of high-quality jewelry?

We deal in jewelry made with GRA certified Moissanite gemstone and IGI certified Diamond.  As far as the metal of jewelry is concerned whether, 18K gold or sterling silver we deal only in hallmark stamped jewelry which has Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) hallmark stamp on it. Therefore, you can be assured of the quality of jewelry that you are purchasing. Also, do check the description of each product before making a purchase. 

How do I find out my correct ring size?

You can read this guide about ring size here and find out your correct ring size. 

How do I take proper care of my Jewelry?

Here is our jewelry care guide. You can follow the tips to keep your jewelry sparkling and new.

How can I customize my jewelry?

Please contact us via email: [email protected], with the SKU Id of your favourite jewelry piece(s).