How to buy a ring like Kate Middleton’s Engagement Ring

Kate Middleton’s sapphire ring is the epitome of love and royalty. The history behind the ethereal ring is phenomenal and has witnessed a longer journey than one may think of. The blue beauty, which was originally owned by the Late Princess Diana, was used by her elder son Prince William to propose to her Lady love, Kate Middleton.


In 2010, when their engagement happened, one thing that took the globe by storm was Kate’s engagement ring which was passed on to her as a symbol of impending royalty. The ring has such an ethereal charm that it has even made a way to enter the treasure box of renowned celebrities. Also, the ring trended as the top choice for gem lovers who wished to celebrate their wedding in a lavish arrangement.

History of Kate Middleton’s ring

The oval-shaped sapphire ring surrounded by 14 diamonds has an ethereal charm and a fascinating history. The ring, which initially belonged to Princess Diana, was gifted to Kate Middleton by her husband, Prince Williams. He once revealed that since his mother will not be there around him for the marriage bliss, the ring will mark Princess Diana’s presence during the nuptials. It was a symbol that would make his mother stay close to him and Kate.

Lesser known facts associated with Kate Middleton’s ring

The blue pinnacle beauty gifted to Kate Middleton also has some untold stories associated with it. From being called a commoner ring to almost landing in Meghan Markle’s hands, there are many secrets you would love to know about this rare jewel. Read on to find it yourself:

Features of the ring

The blue sparkler is a 12-carat blue sapphire stone with an 18k white gold setting all around. The sapphire has different cut facets and is also surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds. 

It matched the blue-eyed beauty

Originally when Prince Charles proposed to Princess Diana, he didn’t do it with a single ring; in fact, he presented a choice of rings, out of which Princess Diana picked up the blue sapphire. Some people said that Lady Diana chose the blue glimmer since it resembled her mother’s engagement ring. On the contrary, a few believed that Princess Diana chose the blue gem because it matched her blue eyes.

The ring was initially with Prince Harry

Very few know that Prince Harry initially inherited the blue sapphire that is currently owned by the Duchess of Cambridge from his mother’s possessions. But, when Prince William was about to propose to her lady love in 2010, Prince Harry gifted the same to his elder brother to present Kate with their mother’s treasure. And, that is how Kate became the owner of the royal blue sparkler.

Kate loves to match her ring with her outfit

Hours after the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the duo gave an appearance for an interview where Kate was seen wearing a blue silk dress which was a close match to her engagement ring. Also, the ring has been beautifying her ring finger to date. Despite the type of occasion- big or small, Kate has been seen flaunting her ring all the time which is valued worldwide for its class and timeless beauty.

The ring was in trend thereafter

Initially, Princess Diana was criticized for her choice to pick up a commoner ring, but later she became a style icon for many. Ranging from her hairstyle to her shoes, her choice of outfits, and, of course, her engagement ring, people started copying her style from top to bottom. In fact, in today’s time, the then commoner sapphire is the most coveted engagement ring style and is opted for by many newly-wed couples.

Later, when the engagement of Prince William and Kate was announced, there was a huge rise in the demand for sapphire engagement rings. It was because of the sudden comeback of blue stones that was brought back to life again by Kate Middleton. Numerous people were seen purchasing the blue gemstone for their big day that trended as the Duchess of Cambridge ring. 


Things to consider while buying a blue sapphire for a wedding


Kate Middleton-inspired sapphire ring has gained high popularity all across the globe and lies on the wish list of many young ladies who are planning to get married soon. Not only is the ring a symbol of status and luxury, but it also has a history of romance and love associated with it. So, if you are someone looking forward to buying a timeless beauty to grace your wedding day, here are a few things that you need to remember:

The magic of 4C’s

Once you have made up your mind to get a blue sapphire, you need to decide which sapphires you want because sapphires are unique and may vary based on their color, carat, clarity, and cut. Here is how they are different from each other:


Color: The depth of the blue shade is a key determiner of the color of a sapphire. The more the saturation of the gemstone, the more intense the color and the better the quality of the gemstone. Sapphires may vary from light baby blue shades to deep royal blue and are available in a variety of blue hues. But, to get a sapphire ring that resembles Kate Middleton’s engagement ring, you need to look for a color shade that is velvety blue and vivid in appearance. On the contrary, choosing a shade also depends a lot on the personal taste of the buyer.


Cut: The cuts make a sapphire stone exhibit its shine and luster. The cuts on the sapphire tell you the tale of how the sapphire was faceted and polished from its original state. The cut grade of the stone also ascertains the brilliance, windowing, and extinction of a sapphire stone.


Clarity: Clarity is judged based on inclusions. Real sapphires have inclusions, and any stone that does not have even a single inclusion is something that should raise suspicion and are mostly synthetic. Also, you need to know that despite the presence of inclusions, the lesser the visibility of the inclusion to the naked eye, the higher the grade of sapphire.


Carat: carats specify the weight of a sapphire stone. Also, good quality and large-sized sapphires are rare and difficult to find in comparison to the smaller ones. 

Lab-grown sapphires- An alternative to real sapphire gemstone

Sapphires have been highly-priced for ages, and not everyone can afford the same. But there is some good news for you- People who adore the precious blue gemstone can now buy lab-grown sapphires that look identical to the royal bloodline without burning a hole in their pocket.

Lab-grown sapphires are in trend for numerous reasons, and you would love to know the real reasons why they are becoming highly popular these days. These synthetic gemstones look more uniform in appearance and also come at affordable prices. You will be surprised to know that a natural sapphire can make you pay a whopping sum of 10000 dollars, whereas a lab-grown sapphire can take down the price to about 10% of the cost of an original sapphire stone. So, why break your bank when you can get identical stones at a price that does not go harsh on your pockets? 


Apart from the pricing factor, they have more clarity than the original ones and display a flawless charm. Besides being a synthetic version, it is simply difficult to spot a difference between original and synthetic sapphires. The excellent cuts and natural blue dazzle can leave anyone spellbound and make them fall for these blue studs that add the plush quotient to adorn your ring finger.

Bottom line

If you dream of purchasing a ring similar to Kate Middleton’s engagement ring and are longing to have a blue sapphire, you have a plethora of jewelry shops that have brought the eternal blue stones into new life. Also, they have surpassed the budget factor and are designing budget-friendly options for their customers to mark their big day with the charm of this eternal blue sparkler.


PannaLal RoshanLal (PLRL) Jewelers and Daughters is one such name that brings this blue beauty to your table at budgeted prices to get you more value for your bucks, besides getting your love a sparkling smile that outshines the engagement ring. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the exotic collection of engagement rings at their store, and be ready to bring dazzle to your sweetheart’s delicate fingers and face!

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