How-To-Clean Your Jewelry At Home

Read Easy-To-Follow Steps on cleaning your jewelry at home. Follow the tips mentioned and keep your jewelry new:

How To Clean Gold Jewelry At Home:

  • Take some lukewarm water and take a dishwasher liquid to clean it.
  • Put the gold jewelry inside the bowl and soak it for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Then use a soft brush and clean it.
  • Chlorine in pool water or soap water can make your gold dull.
  • So, make it a habit of taking it off before entering the swimming pool, or before showering.
  • That will increase its longevity
  • Finally, rinse it in the water and then dry it.
  • You can air dry or you can dry it with a cloth as well.

How To Clean Gold And Diamond Rings At Home:

  • Diamonds have sticky properties which attract dirt and extra oil.
  • The fingerprint marks can easily attach themselves to it.
  • The procedure for cleaning both diamond and gold rings is similar.
  • Take some hot water in a bowl, add dish wash into the bowl and soak the ring for 10- 15 minutes.
  • Take a soft toothbrush and rub it on the surface, especially underneath the stone.
  • Soak it in another clean water bowl to rinse off the dishwasher liquid.
  • The last step is to dry it with a towel.
Jeweler hand polishing and cleaning jewelry diamond ring with microfiber fabric

Always follow the above steps to keep your jewelry clean and new. Take the mentioned precautions so that your jewelry does not lose its shine.