Met Gala 2022 – Our Take On The Fashion Event

This May, New York for yet another time, witnessed a flash of fashion as more than 400 artists gathered in The Metropolitan Museum of Art for the rightly called ‘most prestigious fashion event in the world; the Met Gala. This year’s theme “Gilded Glamor and White Tie” traces its origin from the ‘Gilded Age of the United States; a period between 1870 to 1890 in American history that marks an enormous increase in public wealth. With men in suits and women showing up in splendid pieces of jewelry & extravagant gowns, even in everyday life, this era shaped the American fashion sense. Something this year’s Met Gala pays tribute to!

Since it was all about glam, grace, and charm; we were expected to see some posh displays of jewelry this year. And our models didn’t disappoint. From Jasmine Tooks’ elegant emerald to Lizzo’s golden chokers, we had a classic show of grace and luxury on the red carpet. Let’s have a look at our best picks from this year’s Met Gala.

Blake Lively

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It would be an understatement to say Blake’s ensemble was anything less than exceptional! The co-chair pulled it off so well with every single thing she put on. Whether it was her shining copper-colored gown or her seven-tiered tiara, she nailed it all. The earrings consisting of sparkly diamonds and emeralds matched greatly with the blue evening gloves she wore. As stated to her, the seven-tiered tiara symbolized the seven rays of the Statue of Liberty. All in all, with her classic attempt to mix fashion and heritage in her ensemble, the actress owned the event.

Billie Elish

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Billie’s mint green corset with a beautiful square neckline was another highlight of the event. A giant purple flower attached to her corset and the creamy-colored skirt complemented well with each other. The young singer looked classy on her vintage Fred Leighton jewelry over a black choker ribbon. With her sleek bangs and light green sleeves, the artist embodied a modern look on an antique outfit.


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Lizzo with her unique gothic-dark charm didn’t disappoint at all. Her black gown under a Tham Browne gold embroidered coat gave her a special class. Stacked golden chokers along with her flute matched extremely well with the overall outlook of the singer. Moreover, we can’t negate her exemplary sharp black nails which just added to the elegance. And as stated by her, it took 22 thousand hours to prepare the coat, and we couldn’t agree more that it was worth it!

Cardi B

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There can’t be an event without Cardi B leaving her mark. The rapper had a dominant presence in her Versace design. With gold chains covering her whole body and arms, it might be the heaviest costume of the event. Can’t go without mentioning her multilayered chokers, which besides complementing the overall dress, matched well with the theme of the event. Her elbow-length gloves, made with the same heavy metal chains, signify her dedication to the event. Last but not least, her cute-stylish bangs gave a modern look to her overall powerful appearance.

Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian wearing a historic Maryline Monroe dress deserves a mention here. It’s the same outfit Monroe wore when she gave her famous “Happy Birthday” performance on the occasion of J.F. Kennedy’s 45th birthday. The 1962 dress is said to have more than 6,000 crystals embossed in it and Kim truly glittered wearing it. To get a complete Maryline appearance, Kim had to dye her hair blond and go through a strict training routine before the event. Lately, her choice to wear a dress of such great historical relevance has drawn some criticism. Reports say that she ended up damaging the dress beyond repair. Whatever the case, we can not deny that with a Maryline Monroe look at an event with a historical theme, Kim surely left her mark.

Imaan Hammam

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With a true princess look, Imaan and her intricately designed dress were other highlights of the event. The blue train on the model’s outfit, which stretched behind in two parts, gave her a royal appearance. With delicately pleated sleeves and curly side bangs, grace was all she bestowed. Elsa Peretti’s diamond yard necklace paired with three Bone Cuffs simply added to the elegance of the Dutch model.

Jasmine Tooks

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There was no way Jasmine and her emerald weren’t going to find their spot in this article! The stylish feathery touch her hair had couldn’t complement the theme better. The dark green gown and black evening gloves with some artwork on them looked phenomenal on the model. Zuhair Murad truly nailed it with this piece of work.

Maude Apatow

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Maude Apatow couldn’t have imagined a nicer debut. The black Miu Miu gown matched extraordinarily well with dazzling diamonds in her choker Cartier necklace. She only went with subtle make-up and white nails; simple but sparkling. Not to ignore her graciously tucked hair, which fit exactly the antique theme. The Euphoria star stated that she needed to rehearse for the event a night before with her glam team. The artist also mentioned that although she was a little nervous, the event went too fast and it wasn’t as overwhelming as she thought. And we can all agree that Apatow left a mark on her very first Met Gala night.

So these were all the best models we could feature here as of now. Of Course, there were many other notable figures which we missed. Camila or Bella, Emma or Dennee; all were a delight to watch.

This year’s Met Gala was special in the sense that models needed to come up with a vintage look to match the historical theme of the event. All our celebrities showed commitment to the theme. And we can’t help but appreciate our artists for the bright and healthy show they gave us.



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