Diva’s Delight Cubic Zirconia Necklace Set Mesmerizing Sparkle Opulent Design Ultraluxury

$ 249

✨ Unleash your inner diva with our exquisite Diva’s Delight Necklace Set. Crafted with the finest cubic zirconia and hypoallergenic brass, this over-the-top luxury piece radiates mesmerizing sparkle and opulent design. Prepare to dazzle and make a statement wherever you go. 💎✨ #DivaStyle #LuxuryJewelry #OpulentElegance #MesmerizingSparkle #UniqueDesign #AffordableLuxury


Name of the Product- ✨ Diva’s Delight: Over-the-Top Luxury Cubic Zirconia and Brass Necklace Set – Mesmerizing Sparkle, Opulent Design, Hypoallergenic Elegance ✨

Use and Purpose- Wedding; Bridal Necklace; Bridal Jewellery; Formal event; party; Evening wear; Ballgown; Engagement; Gift for her; Anniversary Wife; Girlfriend Gift

Materials- Cubic Zirconia; Brass (Hypo-allergenic)

Colors available- Custom select

Additional information

Ruby, Baby Pink, Mint Green

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