9 Reasons behind moissanite engagement rings gaining popularity

Whenever you talk about marriage and engagement rings, diamonds are the first thing that spruces up in your mind. But do you know that there is an adorable alternative for diamonds that can be purchased without breaking your banks? Yes, you have heard that right! Moissanite is the new trend that has brought a revolution in the world of gemstones and is turning out to be the new symbol of love for some good reasons. Though this gemstone came into existence in the year 1893, it came into the limelight when people realized its potential of serving as an alternative to diamonds.

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Moissanite is a sparkly stone often confused with diamonds and is being adopted by couples for celebrating special moments embodying a different character and drama. Though diamonds list themselves as a traditional stone that is used while exchanging vows, moissanite is a shiny, sleek gemstone that resembles diamonds and is the talk of the town these days. Diamonds have been a symbol of status, self-worth, romance, and luxury. Moissanites have entered into the same league by setting a mark as a flashy jewel that stays as beautiful as it is from day one.

Above all, moissanite is reigning in the jewelry industry for the unique creation of engagement rings. Do you want to know why this gem is worth all the hype and is set to rule the marriage industry? Read on to know why moissanite is being vouched as an excellent choice for engagement rings: 

Unmatched durability:

Engagement rings are usually worn daily and prone to suffer the wrath of nature and day-to-day activities. So, if you wish to have a ring that can withstand all the beating and bumps, you got to have a solid rock on your durable finger. That’s where the choice of moissanite ring steps in.

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Moissanite is a sparkly gem made of long-lasting and hard materials. It is lustrous, durable, and scratch resistant at the same time. So, you can expect your moissanite ring to shine with the same beauty despite all the tests you put it through over the years.

Long-lasting ability:

Moissanite is also known for its longevity and can last ten times longer than diamonds. Owing to their high-end hardness and lab-grown properties, moissanite prove to be long-lasting and witness widespread demand in the global market.

Serves good to the environment:

If you are a socially conscious person and wish to give something in return to nature, pick a moissanite ring because it is an environment-friendly gem that poses no harm to our Mother Earth. Though Moissanite occurs naturally, its traces are scarce and are hence mostly grown in labs. Lab-grown moissanite leaves behind a small trail of carbon footprint and does not involve any mining, reducing soil erosion.

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All in all, it does not raise any harm to the ecosystem, nor does it involves strenuous labor, which ensures that ethical methods are used for the manufacture of this gemstone. Buying moissanite engagement rings is like doing your little bit towards nature besides keeping alive the tradition of gifting your better half a ring to cherish for a lifetime.

They are available in a plethora of shapes and sizes:

Moissanite is readily available and comes in a diverse range of shapes and sizes. Ranging from princess cut, pear shape, emerald cut, round, oval, and heart shape, moissanite comes in various shapes and patterns to showcase its versatility. Also, they can be artfully customized into a perfect engagement ring as per the client’s choice because they are lab grown.

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They exhibit a vibrant brilliance:

If you love to have a twinkling gem gracing your finger, moissanite is the right choice for you. This stone has an exceptional sparkle. It has a higher refractive index, which is the root cause of its high-end, and has a higher brilliance and luster that gives a glistening effect. This gem dazzles in light, creating a brilliant sheen, and thus takes the top spot of being a perfect engagement ring.

They hold hypoallergenic quality:

People who are allergic to gemstones can wear moissanite without guilt because this gem has hypoallergenic quality. It is a safe choice for jewel lovers because it doesn’t affect the health of the beholder and is a stunning substitute for diamonds.

Easily Affordable:

Marriage in itself is an expensive affair and buying an engagement ring that symbolizes a big fat wedding calls for a ring that can sing its glory and luxury. In such cases, if you have all the money to celebrate a lavish wedding, you can move ahead to buy the most expensive rings. But, if you have a fixed budget, a moissanite engagement ring is a viable option because these rings are beautiful and come at an affordable price. You can opt for a bigger size of Moissanite as compared to a diamond without shelling out a big chunk from your hard-earned income.

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These gems can easily go into your collection of rings without burning a hole in your pocket. It is an affordable option for couples and gives you a chance to flaunt a perfect engagement ring within budget. 

They are easy to maintain:

Another reason jewelry enthusiasts love this stone is that they are easy to look after and are a lightweight ring that does not require much maintenance. They are comfortable to wear; all you need to do is keep them clean, dry, and rest; they can be worn all day long without fuss. 

Numerous design options:

Since its inception, jewelry designers have been using their creative minds to come up with the best possible innovative designs and patterns to give moissanite an exclusive identity. This amazing gemstone is being used in clever and artistic ways to design wedding bands, rings, etc., to showcase the true beauty and glamour it brings to the table. 


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Moissanite is emerging as a wonderful and affordable replacement for diamonds and is soaring a twisted eternity of love amongst gem lovers. We hope that this guide helps you traverse the reasons why moissanite engagement rings are all-set to grace the best moments of your new journey of life. So, what are you waiting for? Go buy a moissanite engagement ring and get ready to surprise your partner with a jewel that can bring sparkle to both her fingers and face.


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