Do you want to flaunt the same tiara Emma Chamberlain wore at the Met Gala event in 2022?

Emma Chamberlain made a vivacious entry at the Met Gala event in 2022! The US Youtuber has wooed the audience with her dazzling appearance. Her 2-piece attire with puffed sleeves, a high neck, and a column skirt grabbed her fans’ fancy, while the crop top with overflowing skirt created a fantastic silhouette.

The beautiful tiara which Emma flaunted

The most eye-catching piece of accessory was her jewelry. Her gorgeous and intricately designed tiara entices the audience and fan-followers. Met Gala saw many celebrities donning beautiful tiaras, but Emma’s seemed to be one of the fascinating ones. The tiara wasn’t a very trendy one but a vintage pick from Cartier. Well, it’s no coincidence as well. The US YouTube star has just been marked as their recent ambassador.

Emma Chamberlain's Tiara

The YouTube sensation became one of the most snapped stars at the event as she posed in her diamond jewelry, crop top, dramatic skirt, and heavily designed tiara. The tiara well complemented her Louis Viton dress. Her entire deck-up has set the trend over the Internet, especially her tiara. The antique piece of jewelry she wore has made her a doubled-up sensation now over social media.

Do you want a similar piece for yourself?

Now, how fancy are you with such a glided glamor jewelry piece? Many searches and curiosity have set in the air after the Met Gala event, wondering if such an antique tiara is available in the market. Well, that tiara is no wonder heritage, exquisite, and rich in class. Not many jewelry stores will have such a unique craft. But, if you are captivated to flaunt such a tiara at your wedding, here is something interesting.

The Unapologetic Tiara

Get your pick

PLRL Jewelers and Daughters have heard the need of the fans wanting a similar tiara. No wonder celebs set the trend for millions. PLRL is already a name for bringing out such astonishing pieces of jewelry that you can hardly find elsewhere. The jewelry platform cares about how crazy you might go over such celeb accessories. So, to give you respite from scouting plenty of stores and sites trying to find one such, PLRL is bringing out a similar tiara to the one Emma wore.

The version you will love

They are working on making the same tiara with a slight modification. PLRL will be offering the one with Moissanite gemstone and sterling silver metal. The appreciated jewelry store for top-quality diamonds will now be crafting tiaras for all you lovely women. The sterling silver gives the feel of the antique jewelry which Emma wore. The excellent alloy of rich silver and copper will give the tiara a brilliant cut and design. The Moissanite gemstone, a brilliant gemstone composed of silicon carbide, is already an exquisite piece that gives blaze to any jewelry it is embedded on. Now, talking about Moissanite gemstone, do check out the Moissanite engagement rings and earrings that PLRL offers.

Diamond Tiara

Embrace lab-grown gemstone

When it comes to PLRL, we ensure most of their jewelry use Lab grown gemstones and diamond. Hence, you rest assured about the quality of the tiara. The fantastic headpiece will speak of uniqueness, design, creativity, and quality. So, be ready to flaunt a fabulous headdress at your upcoming party. Especially if you are all gearing up preparing for your marriage, make sure to book one tiara for you before it runs out of stock.

Lab-grown gemstones have been in trend for quite a while now. The best part is that if you adore precious gemstones, lab-grown ones will give you the same feel while not costing you a fortune. These smooth and consistent gemstones are affordable, giving you the ultimate beauty of the jewelry.  So, why raise eyebrows and burn a hole in the pocket when you can get a similar one to the original one?

It is crafted by a team of specialists under a well-equipped lab facility to display flawless charm, but it also has better clarity than the actual one. The excellent dazzle and the impeccable cuts will leave you spellbound, adding a fashion quotient to your complete get-up.

Center of Attraction

Match it with your dress

In its crystalline form, the Moissanite gemstone accentuates the beauty of your entire get-up. Now, when it’s matched with sterling silver, the blare of the tiara knows no bounds. Make sure you pick your dress that goes hand in hand with a gorgeous piece for your headdress. Leave your hair open or tie it into a clean bun to ensure the tiara is visible. Despite the occasion, whether it is your wedding or a gala party, your dress, and other jewelry will make you stand out. So, ensure you get the right necklace, ring, and bracelet matching your silver sterling and Moissanite tiara. Get ready to see yourself in a new way with this tiara, exhibiting a timeless beauty.

So, what all should you consider while buying your tiara

  • Flawless: You need to ensure that the tiara piece has stones that are flawless in appearance. The cuts and finishing should be detailed.
  • Affordable: Since the tiara will exhibit Moissanite, ensure it is reasonable in budget.
  • Eco-friendly: Pick the environment-friendly one since Moissanite is lab-developed and doesn’t deplete the mines.
  • Durable: The tiara should be robust and suitable for regular wear so that you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to display it.
  • Perfect: The piece should be perfect in every way. It should simulate a natural stone cut with sharp yet smooth endings.
Emma Chamberlain's Tiara

Wrapping up

So, if you have been longing for a pretty tiara but within budget, many jewelry stores offer one. But, if you especially crave Emma’s tiara, then PannaLal RoshanLal (PLRL) Jewelers and Daughters is one name that brings sparkling jewelry at affordable ranges yet surpasses any ordinary picks in the market. Check out their exotic collections to adorn your delicate get-up.

Check out this link for the above tiara in GRA Moissanite gemstone:

Vintage Moissanite Emma Chamberlain Tiara